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Young Souls Communications Update

Dear Young Souls,

The Young Souls group will officially be migrating to two new listservs:

Young Souls Events ( is a read-only list dedicated to official Young Souls & All Souls communications and events,


Young Souls (, which will function as a community listserv for posting unofficial events, jobs, housing, and the like.

Why the sudden change? A former member of the Young Souls Board refused to return full control of the old listserv to the organization despite our requests and the requests of the ministerial team at All Souls. We take our responsibility for the group and your information seriously, and weren’t comfortable allowing this to continue.

We also see this as an opportunity to respond to requests from members of our community to separate the official Young Souls event announcements from all of the other postings from the community; going forward, you’ll see reminders about official events separately, as noted above, and we promise to do our best to never send more than one official email a day (just like with the “abridged” or “digest” settings, but in real-time). The Events listserv will be read-only for members, so you won’t have to worry about picking through conversations for important information.

All addresses have also been removed from the previous listserv, so you don’t have to worry about your contact info sitting in that unused group.

In the spirit of building the beloved community, we are also drafting a communications covenant and a set of listserv guidelines to promote productive use of this public forum. These will draw heavily from resources provided by the Unitarian Universalist Association and will be posted on our new website: As these will be drafts, we welcome constructive feedback from the community (that means you!). Please review the drafts and submit any comments or suggested changes to We will review all comments, and present revised documents at our upcoming annual meeting in March.

We ask for your patience as we transition to the new listservs. You will receive a couple of messages as we migrate you, and you may need to update your settings; we’ll tell you how in those messages.  Please contact the Board at if you have any questions.

In faith,

Sophia Fisher, President
Cledwyn Jones, Vice President
Jennifer Du Monde, Social Chair
Nick Marritz, Social Justice Chair
Vasu Abhiraman, Membership and Welcoming Chair
Lisa Randall, Spiritual Chair


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