YS October Events

It’s all about the space, about the space, no extra. – November 13-15

Registration for our Fall retreat to the Shananananadoahh (or however you say it) River State Park is full.

Please consider running a workshop while there and letting us know soon what you’d like to do so we can schedule it into the weekend.  We have a great team planning the retreat this year; Rickisha Berrien-Lopez, Jen Du Mond, Cledwyn Jones, James Ploeser, Lisa Randall, and Danielle Schmutz. Reach out to any of us with questions, or contact Danielle directly. Also don’t freak out about camping…this is some serious glamping. Please oh please RSVP on Facebook.


If you wanna be a book lover, you gotta read with some friends – Thursdays

The Young Souls book club meets Thursdays at 7:30pm.  October’s book, by an overwhelming vote, is F*ck Feelings: One Shrink’s Practical Advice for Managing All Life’s Impossible Problems by Michael Bennett.  Email Reeve for more information.


Time is waiting; we only got til tomorrow to save the world! No hesitating; grab a boy and grab a girl! (or someone who is genderqueer, non-binary, genderfluid, and/or androgynous…JT and Madonna were super into the binary)   – Saturday, October 3, 9am – 2pm

Join church leadership at the Church Council and 2020 Goals Summit and discuss the future of All Souls Church! Meet with staff, connect with lay leaders, and help us figure out how to tell if we’re achieving our vision for All Souls (that vision being, of course, to save the world). Plus, breakfast and lunch will be provided so there’s really no reason not to come. Meet in Pierce Hall, and contact Cledwyn Jones for more information.


We’re up all night for good fun. We’re up all night cuz we’re hungry – Friday, October 9, 7 pm

October Potluck! If you’re new, this is the event to attend! Our own Social Justice Chair Sarah Burgess will host. Bring yourself, your values, and something to share (food or drink; alc or non). Please label your food for gluten, meat, dairy, and common allergens. Also, it’s Sarah’s house, which means they’ll be a fire pit, s’mores, and cowboy music. Please RSVP on Facebook to help us get a headcount, and contact Bridget O’Brien with any questions.


All the thinking ladies! Now put your hands up – Monday, October 12, 6:30pm

On October 12th (AKA Indigenous People’s Day AKA Geoff Corey’s 25th birthday AKA the 12th day of October and nothing else, nothing famous happened on this day and none of you should have it off) the Young Souls board will be meeting at Potters House at 1658 Columbia Rd NW to have an open brainstorm about different things Young Souls could do this year. You know that moment in the potluck when you go, “I don’t understand why they don’t…” or “they should really start…”? This is the meeting to come share it. (You don’t have to be a single lady, it’s just harder to think of songs to tie these into than I originally thought).


Shut up and meditate with me – October 14 – 7:30 pm

Vespers services have returned. These monthly, second Wednesday services combine singing, chanting, and candle-lit meditation to bring calm to the middle of your week. Gather in the sanctuary a little before 7:30.


Now watch me pick! Now watch me nae nae. – Sunday, October 25th at 12:30 PM

The Young souls will be journeying to Larriland Farm to pluck red apples from trees minus the guilt felt by Adam and Eve. Other activities on this trip include the possible purchase of apple cider, deep discussions on car rides that morph into singing out loud, and the general having of fun. Information coming soon about carpooling and details! Contact Bridget O’Brien and/or Gillian Brockell for more information!


I’ve been brunchin’, I’ve been brunchin’. Why can’t I keep my fingers off it, baby, I want Lou’s, na na. – Sunday, October 18, 1:00 PM – Brunch

Except for we can’t go to Lou’s anymore because of the football. So we’re asking you to send brunch location suggestions. Then meet us after the service on October 18 in Pierce Hall to head over to our chosen location as a group. Email your suggestions to YoungSoulsBoard@googlegroups.com or post ideas on the Facebook event (that you should RSVP to) to help us get a headcount.  Contact Cledwyn Jones with any questions.


Don’t stop, volunteeeering…It’s such a good feeeeeliinnnggg

All Souls needs volunteers to help count the collection plate.  Counters meet after service and serve one Sunday each month or as a substitute. The time commitment is approximately 30 minutes.  Email for more information.

For other non-YS specific events, including this month’s concert series (Rochelle Rice Quartet!), visit the Happenings page: http://www.all-souls.org/happenings