February Events at Young Souls

2016 February Events


February; a time of love. To find love, or rediscover love, or move on from love, or be as mature as 25 year old Adele and send love to their new lover. A number of people have found love at Young Souls, and this month you could too. Here’s how:


***Weekly Events***


Thursdays – Young Souls “Book” Club

Ah that old adage, that instead of buying drinks for those we eye across the room, we should buy books for them instead. “Here you are,” I said to that geeky hottie across the room, “I think you’d enjoy Flapper: A Madcap Story of Sex, Style, Celebrity, and the Women Who Made America Modern by Joshua Zeitz. We’re reading it at The Young Souls book club, which meets Thursdays at 7:30 pm.” Their eyes flickered towards the cover, then back up at me. “How bold of you,” they said. “I’ll email Reeve for more information, and see you there.”


Sundays – Mindful Souls After Second Service – 12:45 pm – 1:30 pm

After being rejuvenated for the week from a gloriously uplifting sermon, join Mo and Priya Edjlali for meditation and reflection in Classroom #2. You could meditate with your eyes closed to detach from a world full of lost loves, and find the solace in loving yourself. But sometimes those who breathe together find that their soul breathes in sync with another, and when the peanut butter in your eyes meets the jelly in theirs, it becomes borderline sinful not to come together. Visit http://www.mindfulsoulsdc.org/index.html for more information.


Mondays – Classic Movie Nights, 7pm

Each Monday, join other Young Souls to re-watch your favorites or get a glimpse into the history of cinema. Be reminded of the joy of fingers touching innocently under the blanket, and your panic when they don’t move. Should you move? Maybe they don’t know your hands are touching, crawling into each other, holding each other? Are you holding hands? Ahhhhh, oh wait it’s just an twinkie Reeve never removed from the couch cushions. Don’t react. They’ll never know. The schedule for February is below; Contact Reeve for more information.

2/1 – Tokyo Story (1953)

2/8 – The Rules of the Game (1939)

2/15 – Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans (1927)

2/22 – 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)  

2/29 – The Searchers (1956)



***Once a Month Events***


Friday, February 5th, 7 PM – February Potluck
This month, Young Souls is taking a break from the rotating selection of living quarters to instead take a unique opportunity to picnic in the National Cathedral, where thousands upon thousands of people have been married to a person they love. The chairs will be removed to showcase the space in a whole new way (#YesAllChairs). Please keep in mind that no alcohol or glass are allowed, so when you meet your soul mate you’ll know you’re falling for them sober. Oh and no metal is allowed to touch the floor so leave those steel-toe boots at home (bring blankets! For innocuous hand holding underneath with a new best friend should they give consent).

Remember if you bring something you cook/bake please label ingredients for it would be tragic for you to finally have that wonderful conversation with a person of your dreams, but then have the moment ruined when they unsheath an epi-pen midsentence to stab themself  for safety. I’m not sure you’d ever recover from that memory. (So label both for common allergens as well as those nasty things only some of us are allergic to, like gluten and the like. If your dish includes animal products, you should probs label that too)

Please RSVP on Facebook. Contact Gillian Brockell for more information.


Saturday, February 6th, 7:30 PM – The Bokamoso Youth at George Washington University


This month’s not all about falling in love with people, you could fall in love with the music too! Did you miss Bokamoso’s amazing performance over MLK weekend at All Souls? People cried you know. Wish that you had a chance to see them again, in their full glory, before they head back to South Africa? Fear not, Bokamoso lovers and winter escapees! Join us on February 6 at the GWU Marvin Center, 800 21st Street, NW, for Bokamoso’s culmination, featuring tour de force music, poetry, dance, and theater, before they head back to South Africa! Tickets are $10 for students & seniors and $35 for adults, and can be purchased in advance here http://theatredance.columbian.gwu.edu/south-africa-project. Or directly buy here. Contact Vasu for more information.


Sunday, February 7th, after 2nd service – Mardi Gras Potluck Brunch with Souls in the Center

People who’ve been drinking a lot longer than you show us how it’s done. Many have been loving longer too and have helpful hints on relationship longevity if that’s your thing, or recovery if that’s happening. From “find what annoys you and stop being annoyed by it,” to “why not try an open relationship for a month and see how it goes” you never know what lessons of love you’ll learn at a Mardi Gras mixer with Souls in the Center. It is potluck style so feel free to drop stuff off in the kitchen before service.



Wednesday, February 10th, 7:30 PM – Vespers at All Souls Sanctuary

Or if you’re not looking for love you can detach from attachments at these monthly services, which combine singing, chanting, and candle-lit meditation to bring calm to the middle of your week. After all, learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all.


Leadership for a New Era – Leadership Development Course

Being part of a power couple (Or thruple, V, molecule, triad, costellation or any kind of polyamorous institution) begins with developing those leadership skills! Join other leaders (or leaders-to-be) from All Souls in an interactive course taking place over six Saturday sessions between March and May. All sessions are taught by members of the congregation with extensive leadership and teaching experience. This course is suitable for both emerging and established leaders, and will provide networking and mentoring opportunities within the church, while exploring leadership as a spiritual practice. Board members Jen, Danielle, and Geoff have all gone through the course and endorse it. For more information and to register: http://www.all-souls.org/nominating-committee. Applications due Feb 15. Contact Jen Bolick for more information.


February 12-14  – Reeb Trip to North Carolina for Voting Rights   

What: Nothing like meeting a new friend and having a passionate discussion of voting rights to awaken the butterflies trapped in cocoons inside your stomach. Travel to North Carolina with the Reeb project for the Moral March in Raleigh! March on the streets of North Carolina, demand voting rights and dignity for all, see Rev. Rob preach, make friends with some fellow congregants, check out North Carolina. Sound good? It’s great. Sign up as soon as possible here.

Why should I show up? You’ve probably heard about the disturbing, racist voter disenfranchisement in North Carolina from our pulpit. You’ve also probably heard about our church’s vibrant collaboration with organizers there, and our efforts to ensure that the system recognizes the inherent worth and dignity of all voters. It’s really special to be a part of this work.

Young Souls Contact: Brendan Orsinger.


Saturday, February 20th, 7pm – Afro Blue

No one’s ever fallen in love listening to Jazz music right? Hahaha, I literally heard you LOL. Howard University’s premiere vocal jazz ensemble comes to All Souls to serenade us. Buy tickets on All Souls homepage here: http://www.all-souls.org


Monday, February 23rd, 6:30 PM – Young Souls Ideation Meeting

We totes missed the last one due to snow. Come and ideate! We will be meeting at Potters House at 1658 Columbia Rd NW to have an open brainstorm about different things Young Souls can do this year. We need your brilliant (and mediocre) ideas on how to create engaging events where people can do everything from meet the person of their dreams, to advocate for that social justice cause that they…wait for it…love.


Saturday, February 27th, 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM (Rescheduled from January 23rd) – Church Council Meeting

Bummed that you missed the Church Council Meeting because you were snuggled up to your boo during the snow storm? I can see it now, “I love this whole Netflix and Chill thing we got going on hun, but all I can think about is how the Church Council isn’t hearing my perspective!” Well lucky you, you actually didn’t miss it! For reals, though, this event is so awesome and energizing. Speed date with Rev. Parker! Meet amazing people involved in aspects of the church you didn’t even know existed. Talk about goals!! All are welcome. Contact Cledwyn Jones for more information.


Sunday, February 28th, 1:00 PM – Brunch at Meridian Pint

Brunnnchh in Looooooooooove, we be all night. Well, alright “all night” is ridiculous, it’s just for brunch time. After the service, meet the Young Souls in Pierce Hall to head over as a group. Or meet us at Meridian Pint at 1:00 pm.  Can’t you see it now? You withdraw your IDs together to get in to Meridian Pint basement and realize that person you always introduce yourself to at service is also from Alaska! What a coincidence, you two can chat about snowmobiles and the pesky Palin’s all over a mimosa and eggs. Next thing you know, BOOM! You’re in love. Please RSVP on Facebook to help us get a headcount.  Contact Bridget O’Brien with any questions.

Sunday, February 28th, 5:00 pm – Take a Leap! in the All Souls Dining Room
Once every four years, we are given something special – a whole extra day! We invite you to embrace this gift by joining us in a unique opportunity for spiritual and personal growth. The night before Leap Day, we will gather together and explore our boundaries through group exercises and physical movement, consider taking the No Challenge, and reflect deeply on our lives and desires. Come take a leap with us! Light snacks will be provided. Any questions can be directed to Young Souls member, Katie Hartin.