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Jeremiah Lowery’s “Letting Go” Sermon – Young Souls Service

Young Souls Service – August 7, 2016

“Letting Go” Sermon

By Jeremiah Lowery


Hello, my name is Jeremiah Lowery and I am lifelong DC area resident and Community Activist. Some of the local issues I work on include environmental justice, universal childcare, and energy democracy


For the last few years, I have had the privilege of working on tons of social justice campaigns alongside my Young Souls community. While working on these projects, I often hear my friends talk about how afraid they are, how terrified they are. Some of my friends often fear being harshly judged for not being able to contribute to social justice projects, fearful that their role in projects or movements are not worth it, or fearful that they may not be the leader that they want to be for the movement.


And I am often fearful alongside them, I sometimes have all the same fears plus the fears of what I use to feel was a burden of having grown up in a poor disorganized community and educational system, fearful that being born to a homeless mother would make my contributions to the movement not worthy because we are made to feel that activism only counts if you have something to sacrifice.


But as I grow older and develop more confidence, and with deep meditation and reflection, I am learning to let go of my fears. And through peer support from my friends in All Souls, I know we can support one another to let go of our collective fear of not living up to other people’s expectations, because our activism matters and our contributions no matter how big or small are important to moving our community and our society forward.


Each social justice march we march in, each meeting we show up to as allies, or each tweet we send out to support a local community campaign is equally beneficial to creating the society we seek, whether we are leading those efforts or not.


And alll our collective sacrifices are worthy of the time we invested to build a community where a formerly homeless kid, like myself, can stand up on a stage one day and proudly say he has let go of his fears and while being surrounded by a loving community who has done the same.


In closing, as I continue to meditate, seek balance and think positive thoughts to let go of my own personal activist fears, I challenge everyone who is committed to social justice, to continue to develop their own pathways to let go of their fears for the greater movement, and as you develop or find those pathways, please share and help lead our community down a fear-less road, as well.


I want to thank my Young Souls community and everyone in the church for their support over the years. I thank you and love you.




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