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YS Survey Results #5: Connecting Young Souls to All Souls Volunteer and Social Justice Opportunities

Have you ever poured your heart into giving feedback, never to hear a peep about how your input was received or acted on? Well, your Young Souls Board is not going to let that happen!


Back in August, 64 of you filled out the Young Souls survey. Great job! Thank you! What what did we do? Right off the bat in September, we connected everyone to volunteer and social justice opportunities they expressed interest in. We…


  • Connected 14 potential ushers, greeters, and counters with Reeve Tyndall
  • Connected 14 potential religious educators with Dolores Miller
  • Shared joining instructions with 19 people interested in the All Souls Caring Network (contact is Rev. Rebecca Parker while Rev. Susan Newman-Moore is on sabbatical)
  • Reached out to the All Souls lunch team (Bill Kules) and set up a Young Souls lunch prep volunteer opportunity for December (which 13 of you had expressed interested in)
  • Added 18 new people to the YS Social Justice Task Force email list via Annie Weinberg
  • Connected 17 potential voting rights defenders with the Reeb Voting Rights Project at All Souls via Mattie Feder, Brendan Orsinger, and José Woss
  • Connected 11 potential environmental justice seekers via Susan Rogers of Green Souls
  • Connected 14 potential anti-racism activists with ADORE (A Dialogue on Race and Ethnicity) at All Souls and Young Souls who are involved in SURJ (Showing Up for Racial Justice)
  • Connected 15 potential affordable housing advocates with Rollie Smith of the All Souls Housing Ministry
  • Connected 10 potential immigrant/re-settlement supporters with Laura Chen, Andrew Hall, and Reeve Tyndall, representing re-settlement programs, anti-Islamaphobia and the Refugee Support Initiative at All Souls
  • Connected 7 potential English as a Second Language (ESL) tutors with the All Souls ESL Program


There are over 900 people on the Young Souls listserv, so if you’re reading this and want to get connected, but didn’t take the survey, please reach out to the appropriate contact listed above. You can find the appropriate contact information by signing into the All Souls member database–you do not have to be a member to create a login and it is very helpful to have access! Sign in/up here:


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