All Souls Annual Meeting on Sunday 12/10/2017

Fellow Young Souls,


The All Souls Annual Meeting will take place this Sunday after second service lunch. As the Young Souls board, we STRONGLY encourage you to attend and participate in this process. At the meeting, congregants will be voting on the 2018 budget and several changes to the bylaws.


According to our 5th principle, we value the democratic process in our congregation and now it is time to act. Below is a synopsis of what will be discussed at the meeting. It is not our intention to provide any opinions on how you should vote, instead we hope to empower you to vote with your own judgement and morals in mind.


CRITICAL/How to determine if you are eligible to vote:

  1. Verify that you are a member of the church. This means that you attended the 3 hour class and signed the book.

  2. Verify that you have made a donation of record. Login to your church account -> Giving-> My Giving History. Be sure that there is a donation listed there. If not, considering making a donation of $1. This will enable you to vote.


How to know what you will be voting on:

  1. Read the attached PDF.

  2. The super short summary of items that will be voted on are:

    1. the proposed 2018 budget.

    2. changing the legal name of the church to reflect DC code.

    3. the adoption of the 8th principle

    4. the creation of a process to remove members from the church

    5. Clearer descriptions of who is allowed to attend board of trustees meetings

    6. Making the senior minister an ex officio member of the board of trustees


You must be physically present at the annual meetingthis Sunday, at 1:15pm in order to vote. Please RSVP on facebook and come be apart of our larger congregation.


Please feel free to reach out to the board ( at any time with questions or concerns. DO NOT reply all to the listserv to discuss the contents of what will be voted on. We hope to see you on Sunday.


With compassion and gratitude,

Alice KG, Constance, Justine, Alice KN, Claire, Nick, and Jason

The Young Souls Board