Young Souls March Events!

Young Souls March 2019 Events

Keep track of all events on the Young Souls Google Calendar.

If you’d like to organize a Young Souls event, send your idea to the Young Souls Board at


Friday, March 1st, 7pm – Young Souls March Potluck

Join us for our monthly Young Souls potluck! Potlucks are held at a home of one of our members, and they are great events for newcomers. Please bring a dish or drink to share with everyone. RSVP on Facebook here. Hosted by Alice. Location: check the YS listserv for address. Questions? Contact Cora.


Monday, March 11th, 7:00 – 9:00 – Many Voices Reading Group

The Many Voices Reading Group reads and discusses a short story each month. During March we’ll read “Bog Girl” by Karen Russell, a darkly humorous story about a boy who finds a girl buried in a bog, digs her up, falls in love with her undead body, and carries her around at school, where he haughtily shows off that he’s dating an older woman. It’s weird. It’s fun. It’s dark. And it’s available here (including in audio form) or if you’ve run out of New Yorker clicks, you can find it here. An interview with the author is available here. We’ll meet at Neil’s place (check the YS listserv for address) unless we outgrow the space. Feel free (but not obligated) to bring snacks/drinks. Please RSVP to the Facebook invite or via email, so that we’ve got a sense of how many people will show up (and whether we need to move to a bigger space).


Wednesday, March 13th, 5:30pm – Young Souls Happy Hour

Join us for our monthly happy hour! This is an excellent event for newcomers to attend and meet other Young Souls. Local 16 donates 10 percent of our checks back to All Souls. Location: Local 16 (1602 U St. NW). RSVP on Facebook here. For those interested, we’ll walk over to Vespers after the happy hour. Questions? Contact Cora.


Sunday, March 17th, 1:00 pm – Young Souls March Brunch

We will meet in Pierce Hall and walk to a nearby restaurant. Brunch is an excellent event to attend if you are new. RSVP on Facebook here. Questions? Contact Cora.


Saturday, March 23rd, 2:00 pm – Young Souls Hike

Meet us at the Minnesota Avenue Metro Station to join us for a walk on the Fort Circle Park Hiker-Biker Trail. Please bring a water bottle and shoes that are good to walk in. RSVP on Facebook here. Questions? Contact Cora.


Sunday, March 24th, 1:00 pm – New Young Souls Get-Together

Are you new to the Young Souls community? Have you been attending YS events for a while but still don’t feel that you’ve found your people, or still don’t feel fully integrated? This is the event for you! We’ll meet in Pierce Hall after the second service (look for someone holding a large Young Souls sign, or text Abby at 203-605-4704 to find the group) and decide as a group what we’d like to do. Depending on the weather, the group size, the group interest, etc., options could include – getting ice cream, taking a walk around Meridian Hill Park, heading to Karma Kitchen for some delicious pay-as-you-can Indian food, or any other ideas the group brings. Hope to see you there! RSVP on Facebook here. Questions? Contact Abby.




Upcoming events in April – mark your calendars…


Friday, April 5th, 7pm – Young Souls April Potluck – Shabbat Dinner 101 / UUism 101

Join us for our monthly Young Souls potluck! This month will be a special Young Souls event – a Shabbat Dinner 101 / UUism 101 on Friday, April 5th hosted by Young Soul Caroline Erickson and her housemates at Moishe House Columbia Heights. Shabbat is a traditional communal dinner that marks the start of the Jewish sabbath, a day of rest. We’ll learn about the tradition of Shabbat and explore the parallels between Judaism and Unitarian Universalism. Located a block from the church (check the YS listserv for address). RSVP on Facebook here. Questions? Contact Cora.


Young Souls April Circle Suppers – Looking for hosts!

Circle Suppers are back! These are small dinners hosted by Young Souls at your home or at a restaurant. They are great events for newcomers to meet other Young Souls in smaller settings. If you’re interested in hosting in April, just let me know when, where, and how many people you can host. Check out Circle Supper photos on the Young Souls Blog and Facebook. Contact Justine.




Invitation to join the Young Souls POC Caucus

The YS POC Caucus was founded early in 2018, in recognition of the need for a Young Soul POC space. They are currently opening the group to new YS POC members! The caucus is a chance for people of color in our community to gather for fun activities (dinner parties, game nights, book circles etc.) or more serious conversations (discussions on making All Souls an inclusive and affirming space etc.). If you are interested in joining, fill out this form and a member of the caucus will reach out to you. Please feel free to email us ( or Alice Newberry, a founding member of the caucus and former YS Social Justice Chair, if you have any questions!


Interested in joining Souls in the Center?

Souls in the Center is a fellowship of members and friends of All Souls from ages thirty+. Get on top of the news by clicking here to join the listserv; here to join the Facebook group and here to add the Google Calendar. We also started a Movie Club – join here for that!  Questions? Contact Souls in the Center Leadership at


Young Souls Listserv – Have you signed up?

Sign up for the Young Souls listserv here! We have set up a new free-posting listserv for everything from event invitations to housing availability and requests. Remember to follow our communication covenants and guidelines and be sure your “Display Name” is your full first and last name. After signing up, you can post to the listserv directly by emailing Questions? Contact Justine.



For more information about Young Souls, visit our blog:

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