Young Souls July Events!

Young Souls July 2019 Events

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If you’d like to organize a Young Souls event, send your idea to the Young Souls Board at

Tuesday, July 9th, 6:00pm – Young Souls Visit “Votes for Women” Exhibit

To celebrate the centennial of the 19th amendment, which gave women the right to vote, let’s go to the National Portrait Gallery to see the exhibit “Votes for Women: A Portrait of Persistence.” This exhibit outlines the more than 80-year movement for women to obtain the right to vote as part of the larger struggle for equality that continued through the 1965 Civil Rights Act and today.

Let’s meet in the National Portrait Gallery courtyard at 6:00 pm. We’ll have an hour to explore the exhibit and then we’ll go to dinner at Wok and Roll. (Did you know? Wok and Roll is the site of the Mary Surratt Boarding House – where John Wilkes Booth and other conspirators met to plan Lincoln’s assassination.)

Questions? Contact Justine Rothbart at 

Wednesday, July 10th, 5:30-7:30 pm- Young Souls Happy Hour 

Join us for our monthly happy hour! This is an excellent event for newcomers to attend and meet    other Young Souls. Local 16 donates 10 percent of our checks back to All Souls. Location: Local 16 (1602 U St. NW). RSVP on Facebook. Questions? Contact Matt at  

Friday, July 12th, 7:00pm – Young Souls Potluck

Join us for our monthly Young Souls potluck! Potlucks are held at a home of one of our members, and they are great events for newcomers. This month, the potluck is hosted by Jess and Michael. Please see the listserv for the address and transportation information.

Please bring a dish or drink to share with everyone. RSVP on Facebook. Questions? Contact Matt at

Friday July 19- Sunday July 21- Jubilee Anti-Racism Training

Do you wish to nurture our congregation’s multicultural future in the face of opposing cultural currents? Do you wish to deepen your understanding of how race and ethnicity play out in our institutions and our daily lives.

Jubilee Anti-Racism Training helps participants understand what is involved in nurturing a multicultural community and working against racism in all of its forms. The workshop requires a weekend commitment; and it is worth every minute of that commitment. Register here. Questions? Contact Social Justice chair Jeremey at 

Sunday, July 21st, 1:00pm – Young Souls July Brunch

We will meet in Pierce Hall and walk to a nearby restaurant. Brunch is an excellent event to attend if you are new. RSVP on Facebook here. Questions? Contact Matt at  

Invitation to join the Young Souls POC Caucus

The YS POC Caucus was founded early in 2018, in recognition of the need for a Young Soul POC space. They are currently opening the group to new YS POC members! The caucus is a chance for people of color in our community to gather for fun activities (dinner parties, game nights, book circles etc.) or more serious conversations (discussions on making All Souls an inclusive and affirming space etc.). If you are interested in joining, fill out this form and a member of the caucus will reach out to you. Please feel free to email us ( or Alice Newberry (, a founding member of the caucus and former YS Social Justice Chair, if you have any questions!

Interested in joining Souls in the Center? Looking for leadership fun?

Souls in the Center is a fellowship of members and friends of All Souls from ages thirty+. Announcement: We are looking for new leadership at Souls in the Center! Specifically, we are looking for a communications guru and a few social chairs, to help plan and host small events every month starting in September.  It’s a low stakes job commitment-wise, but lets you be creative and meet fun people. Any questions? Email us at  

While our regularly scheduled Happy Hour will be on hiatus until September, and potlucks may be sparse, you can still be on the lookout for games days, movie club days and other ad hoc meetups by clicking here to join the listserv; here to join the Facebook group and here to add the Google Calendar. We also started a Movie Club – join here for that! 

Seeking ushers for Sunday services

Ushers welcome congregants and visitors, hand out the orders of service, and help everything run smoothly and safely. The commitment is only one service each month, so it’s a great way to get involved. Contact Mark Matthews at ( to learn more or sign up.

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