Young Souls Board Roles & Responsibilities


  • General Desc.
    • The President shall coordinate the the activities of the board, maintain broad-level awareness of group activities, and serve as the lead on addressing issues within the group.
  • Tasks
    • Schedule board meetings by around the first of the month
    • Share draft agenda around 5 days before meeting
    • Coordinate staff attendance at Young Souls Events
    • Track/follow-up on action items for the board
    • Ensure that signature events such as the Fall Retreat are properly coordinated
  • Larger goals
    • Troubleshoot/deal with conflict


  • General Desc.
    • The Vice-President shall manage the group’s relationships with the larger church community and other specific external communities of interest.
  • Tasks
    • Liaise with the Church Council on behalf of the group
    • Maintain contact list for other Church Committees for Young Souls
    • Maintain relationships with external organizations (other local churches, universities, etc)
    • Maintain general connections to UUA activities as relevant
    • Coordinate Young Souls representation at the FInd Your Ministry Fair
  • Larger goals
    • Creating new opportunities for connections and collaborations

Social Chair

  • General Desc.
    • The Social Chair shall coordinate potlucks, brunches, and other social opportunities for the group.
  • Tasks
    • By the middle of the month, have potluck for following month coordinated
    • Have regular monthly brunch coordinated in time for monthly newsletter
    • Point of contact for coordination of other/new events.
  • Larger goals
    • Create new opportunities for social events

Social Justice Chair

  • General Desc.
    • The Social Justice Chair shall coordinate and promote social justice activities within the Young Souls community.
  • Tasks
    • Coordinate with EASIS Table and promote awareness of other All Souls social justice activities.
    • Serve as point of contact for social justice opportunities within the Young Souls community.
    • Coordinate one Young Souls Social Justice event per month
  • Larger goals
    • Reach out to other social justice groups and events in the larger community.

Membership and Welcoming Chair

  • General Desc.
    • The Membership and Welcoming Chair shall track membership information and provide outreach and recruitment for new members.
  • Tasks
    • Coordinate tracking of event attendance
    • Liaise with the All Souls Welcoming Committee
    • Manage outreach to potential new members
    • Coordinate “welcoming buddies” at larger events
  • Larger goals
    • Keep an eye on retention/activity of membership

Spiritual Chair

  • General Desc.
    • The Spiritual Chair shall coordinate spiritual opportunities for the young souls community and  coordinate pastoral care for the group.
  • Tasks
    • Coordinate spiritual component leaders for monthly potlucks
    • Liaise with the All Souls Pastoral Care Committee
    • Manage Young Souls Caring Committee
    • Coordinate Young Souls Service planning
    • Arrange periodic interfaith visits
    • Be point of contact for spiritual opportunities at All Souls Church
  • Larger goals
    • Keep an eye on Young Souls spiritual growth

Communications Chair

  • General Desc.
    • The Communications Chair shall track membership information and provide outreach and recruitment for new members.
  • Tasks
    • Issue monthly email announcements and make announcements at events
    • Coordinate with All Souls to place announcements in the weekly
    • Ensure that All Souls events are placed on Facebook
    • Maintain Young Souls website
  • Larger goals
    • Improve communications within the group

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