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The Social Justice Task Force is a group of Young Souls that encourages social justice involvement and community volunteer work within All Souls, the DC community, on a national level, and beyond. We meet monthly to discuss upcoming social justice and volunteer events and encourage other Young Souls and members of All Souls to participate in social justice and volunteer work that is important to them. Members of the Social Justice Task Force participate in a variety of ministries at All Souls Church as well as outside of the church.

Each year, the Social Justice Task Force hosts teach-ins on various social justice topics, holds discussions on privilege and identity, participates in the church’s Thanksgiving collection, and encourages participation in larger movements for equity and justice.

For more information about All Souls’ many social justice ministries, please visit:

For information about upcoming meetings or to be added to the Young Souls Social Justice Task Force listserv, please contact Alice Kurima Newberry at
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